Wednesday, 24 November 2010

My first entry

In this particular moment I am listening to Radiohead's Pyramid Song which kinda reflects my mood. Calm, gentle, a bit melancholic. This song helps me be centred, present. No hopes, because they are projections towards the future, no memories because they are projections towards the past, but empty purposeless but wonderfully comfortable present. Today was the first attempt at filming my short. I have great plans for it, if only my body and my mind will not give up before it is accomplished. The film in its deep more esoteric sense reflects nonduality. It obviously points to it but it doensn't represent it. The key to understanding the film is the riddle that would be provided at the beginning of the film. The riddle is a koan. The purpose of the koan is to exhaust the mind that is trying to find the solution posited by it until it literally snaps. That is the moment of release of the mind that is used to think in terms of duality and the moment when nonduality is ' perceived'. The way I want to represent the nondual is through symbols particularly colours that at the beginning are set in opposition but at the end that opposition is transcended.  While I was thinking about the script a few impressions came into my mind which I noted down in form of a poem:
                        " Time is just a ripple in the fabric of eternity.
                           Beauty is the gateway that leads towards the undoing of that ripple.
                           Love is the key to the gate.
                           Who am I?
                            Who am I?
                             Who am I?
                           Who is asking the question? "

Every term in this poem has certain meanings , one term leads to the other which leads to the question which in its turn leads to questioning the questioner.